Wedding Planning Tips | A Guide to Allocating Your Wedding Budget


Getting that ring on your finger is such an epic moment for any bride. The excitement and pure rush of energy that follows is unlike anything else. Call your friends, laugh, and cry. It’s a whirlwind and before you know it, you are knee deep in wedding planning. You’re looking at a florist, caterer and being torn in half by bridesmaids with differing tastes. Often, we have brides come to us at Elleson Events completely exhausted. They say, “I thought I could do it myself, but it’s taking over my life!” or “I don’t know where to go from here or how to fix the decisions I’ve made that are now causing road blocks.”

Other than hiring a planner from the start, my advice, is sticking to a process and knowing there is a method to the madness. Sit down with your fiancé and family and get an accurate budget and guest count. Talk about expectations and limitations that will impact your wedding day. Approaching the conversation with honesty and openness from the start will create a smooth process down the road.

 Establishing a budget and allocating a realistic amount of money to each vendor accordingly will help you set priorities. Also keep in mind that your guest count impacts everything. It can dictate what kind of food, decor and flowers you an afford. You can read more on how we suggest to start your guest list here

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten to the small but important details of a wedding and the budget is blown. No bride wants to see any part of her wedding day dreams go down the drain, but this can happen without proper planning in the beginning.

To help in this budget planning process, I have included a breakdown on how Elleosn Events allocates budgets


Please note, these costs are based on a guest count of about 80 guests and a budget of about $30,000, which may be above or below what you have to spend.

Below, you will find our suggested cost and percentage breakdowns for allocating your budget. I suggest to list any non-negotiables, or elements of the wedding you are willing to splurge for on a separate list. Also, in some situations the brides dress may or may not be included in the overall budget. Having your heart set on a particular venue or vendor may mean you have to adjust your spending in other areas. 



    •    $900 Invitations and Paper Goods

    •    $900 Transportation

    •    $3,000 Venue

    •    $1,500 Entertainment

    •    $4,200 Flowers and Décor

    •    $1,500 Gown & Accessories

    •    $900 Cake

    •    $300 Officiant

    •    $900 Beauty 

    •    $7,200 Catering

    •    $4,500 Photographer & Videographer

    •    $3,000 Planner

    •    $900 Miscellaneous (Favors, Welcome Baskets, etc.)


Total Costs: $30,000


    •    3% Invitations and Paper Goods

    •    3%  Transportation

    •    10% Venue

    •    5% Entertainment

    •    14% Flowers and Décor

    •    5% Gown & Accessories

    •    3%  Cake

    •    24% Catering

    •    15% Photographer & Videographer

    •    1% Officiant 

    •    3% Beauty 

    •    10% Planner

    •    3% Miscellaneous (Favors, Welcome Baskets, etc.)