Wedding Design + Styling 


We love an elegant, sophisticated, and simple event. To us, a beautiful wedding is an event where all the design components are thoughtfully crafted, styled, and woven together with the personal details of your love story.

Maybe you’ve dreamed about your wedding for years, or maybe you only know that you want a beautiful party that looks and feels like the two of you. We’ll help you define your design vision and then bring it to life.

We are here to handle all the visual items of your day, ensuring that each piece is cohesive and beautiful, and installing every component of it.

If you are also working with a wedding planner, we love meeting new people so we’re more than happy to partner with them to execute your perfect wedding.

From a small backyard wedding to an extravagant affair, all our packages are created on an individual basis for each couple


Included in Design + Styling

  • Two in person meetings
  • Two venue site visits 
  • A wedding branding board

  • Ceremony + reception layouts

  • Curation and management all your decor vendors and contracts 

  • Day of set-up of ceremony & reception decor

  • Breakdown of the ceremony & reception decor 


Design In A Day 


Do you feel like you have a ton of wedding details “Pinned” but, struggle with making them all work together or maybe you know what you what your wedding day to look like but, just do not have the time to dedicate to pulling it all together. 

Think of us as the interior designers of your wedding, basically like a “Joanna Gaines” of weddings. We will have a one day meeting and hash out EVERY design detail of your day. When our meeting ends you will leave with a full blueprint of your wedding design. You will know exactly who to contact for rental items (because we will have already requested itemized quotes), you will have a specific direction to take to your stationer for paper good, and you will have a full floral design to take to your choice of florist. 

Design in a day covers everything you need to create a cohesive wedding in one planning session. Which saves you HOURS in planning, sourcing and budgeting. Plus, you can say goodbye to those sleepless nights and the worry that your wedding day vision will not come together, as you see it in your mind. 


Included in Design in a day 

  • A 5 hour planning session 
  • Boxed lunch 
  • A fully custom design proposal 
  • Vendor quotes will be requested and delivered directly to you
  • Layouts for your ceremony + reception
  • Vendor referrals
  • A 1 hour photo consultation (If needed) 8 week prior to your wedding